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Waël Chanab

Co-founder, President & Chief Technology Officer, 360° VR Video R&D, VFX, Drone operator

Driven to create what always seemed impossible, Waël enjoys tackling the most challenging questions in areas that he is passionate about. With a background in physics, philosophy, and multidisciplinary science, he is able to adapt well to the most up-to-date technologies. He believes that to really understand something, you need to explore it in its utmost potential.

Daniel Grozdanov

Chief Executive Officer, Biophysics B.Sc, Photographer & Videographer, 360 Specialist

After finishing his degree in physics, Daniel went on to travel the world and fell in love with photography. His passion for the art and the desire to capture the places he visited led him to 360 degree photography. After returning to Montreal, he founded Shop360 which evolved into Imagine360 and the rest is history. When he isn’t capturing a moment with his camera, he loves to play and record music and explore virtual reality universes.

Flavio Cardellicchio

Expert in digital relational marketing, Ph.D. candidate UQAM in museology, mediation, and cultural heritage

«I love challenges, team spirit and applying my strategies ». At Imagine360°, Flavio is our genie in a bottle: a designer and multimedia developer, he imagines, manages and produces a number of digital projects. CEO and Founder at the Nomads of Time Group & administrator of ArchaeoTourism2012, he has a passion for, as well as experience in digitally preserving cultural heritage sites through the latest emerging technologies. His Ph.D. research involves the use of VR technologies applied for cultural heritage conservation and promotion. His studies in Heritage and Tourism (CAS) and business management give him the keys to analyzing, building and overseeing any type of project.

Nicolas Andrey

Chief in business development & developper VR / AR / MR

Being a digital nomad for 2 years while travelling the world, Nicolas ended up in Montreal where he fell in love with the city. With a background in IT and sales he loves to explore new technologies and he uses his knowledge to create new content for imagine360. Doing Virtual reality and Augmented reality he can
make your business reach new limits in term of visibility and attracting new customers.

Aura Ravelo


Yannick Gauthier

Photographer & Business developper

Joanna Guya

Photographer & Business developper

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