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We have lead VR / AR / MR projects for companies ranging from international corporations to small (or very small) businesses. Here are some of our clients that have trusted us and continue to do so.

What Our Customers Say

Lara Dewar / Chief Marketing & Development Officer, Word Vision

“On reflection, it seems we faced a number of challenges and I am grateful for your ability to respond with grace and humour and importntly, to pivot and create opportunity where the fates made that difficult. All this and you were kind and delightful to be with…”

Kevin Leyan / Quadbridge PJ Emam, CEO

“I’d like to thank IMAGINE 360 Who have been inovlved in Every single regard, they are our videographers, photographers, they are responsible for basically doing all the media work for us. They put together this awesome video. They are the guys walking around tirelessly with the cameras, they also have the VR gaming set up for us. Thank you guys we couldn’t do it without you.”

Christina Parsons / Director, Communications, Health Partners International of Canada

“Supprised by your marketing expertise and all the innovative ideas proposed. Your project will be the center of our tour with all the biggest pharmaceuticals companies in Canada in the spring of 2018. “